Hilltop Kitchen

5 PM - 12-ISH AM

728 Pacific Ave
Tacoma, WA


Hilltop Kitchen is a neighborhood bar that focuses on mezcal, tequila, rum, and cachaça, with a healthy dose of whiskey. We make food inspired by our travels in the American Southwest and Latin America that honors what we love about the Northwest. We worked with friends to build HK out of reclaimed materials so that the space reflects the same crafted, handmade approach we take with food and drinks. Come in and grab a cold beer and something to eat; try a strange spirit you’ve never heard of; have fun, relax, and let us take care of you.

Hilltop Kitchen is a neighborhood craft bar that draws inspiration from Latin American spirits and local, seasonal ingredients. We believe that quality starts with the most simple, fundamental ingredients, so we make everything we can in house  including fresh juices and housemade sodas. We also incorporate an extensive ice program that involves sourcing sculpture-grade ice that we hand carve to improve our cocktails. Is it nerdy? Yeah, probably. Does it make a difference? We think so, but we’ll let you decide.

Our kitchen creates from the nexus of our various travel experiences and our love of fresh, seasonal foods. We cook simply, treat ingredients honestly, and seek to honor each plate by highlighting natural flavors. We strive to gather ingredients as close to the source as possible, which leads to relationships with local farmers, cheese mongers, fishermen, and butchers. This isn’t the fastest or cheapest way, but for us it makes the most sense.

Our interior space reflects our commitment to quality craftsmanship. Most of our surfaces are made of reclaimed and salvaged materials, which includes 100 year old fir on our bar top; windows salvaged from historic buildings on Ballard Avenue; and table tops, benches, and millwork from ceiling and wall materials from the same historic buildings.

So, that’s what we were. We left our space at the end of 2015 after unsuccessful lease negotiations. Now we are a collection of itinerant cooks and bartenders who are sharing our passion for fancy cocktails and delicious food wherever we can.

We are currently working upstairs at Tacoma Cabana Wednesday through Saturday nights from 5 until midnight-ish. We change our menus weekly, so follow us on social media for what we are currently serving.